Friday, November 19, 2010

Been over a year!!

Hello! Haven't been on this thing in forever. Kind of forgot I had it until the other day.
This past monday I attended the AAF-KC Career Day at The Uptown Theatre. It was such an eye opener! A little overwhelming trying to soak up all the info but a good experience for sure. Learned a lot about having a good 'book' and 'branding' yourself. All the seminars I attended really made me excited for my future and career but scared at the same time. Advertising world seems a little brutal, but I'm willing to take it on! (Look at me sounding so motivated haha.)
Anyways, I want to start posting on here every now and then. I need to save my project onto my mac so I can share with the wizzorldd.
Today I came back home to good ole Blue Springs for the week. My turkey break will consist of hours spent on my computer on facebook, stumbleupon, btjunkie, and youtube. Also need to work on my 3 painting series of dream catchers, hopefully they turn out well!

^^^So excited to spend quality time with my family dog Suki, she is so insane and fluffy!!

Okay, byeeee

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alt Rep Process

For this project I chose an ice cream cone as my image. I picked an ice cream cone, well because I really enjoy ice cream! And I thought it would be a fun image to use for what we were assigned to do.
While doing this project I pretty much just found anything in sight that I could make an ice cream cone out of. Some were more successful than others. I was fortunate enough to get my sorority sister's to help me do a few which was fun. My favorite one that I did was the one with the sprinkles, the colors popped and had a great texture.
I really enjoyed doing this project, But I was tempted to vandalize some property though, like painting an ice cream cone on the local Custard's Last Stand sign. Or spray painting it on a building or on the street.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Here's the link to my Picasa album that contains the photos from my representational project.
The image I chose was an ice cream cone.

^^just click on the pic^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st Illustrator Design

Here are a few images of the progression of making my fist illustrator design for this class.

1. This is the 1st hand drawn version

2. This is the 2nd version which I mad on Illustrator

3. Lastly this is the final version after many changes from the original.

Hooray weird clock like hanger image, I shall call it 'Hang Time'
Fitting huh?

p.s. sorry my pictures are all colored differently, I had some troubles

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

quite the slacker

So I have been an extreme slacker on this whole blog thing. I do not own my own computer, therefore I have to motivate myself to get my butt to the library to do these things. But I have no excuse at all for not taking the not so long walk across campus! Anyways, I am hopefully getting a macbook in the next two weeks so my lazy self will have zero excuses. Either way I plan to have all my blogs caught up within the next few days!!

P.S. I am very much enjoying learning the ways of Adobe Illustrator.....frustrating yet fulfilling.

Gestalt Psychology....better late than never

Gestalt psychology is a theory of the mind/brain that proposes that the operational principle of the brain is holistic, parallel, and analog, with self organizing tendencies, or that the whole is different from the sum of its part.
Max Wertheimer is the founder of the movement, although the movement was first introduced in philosophy and psychology by Christian von Ehrenfels.

The key principles of the Gestalt systems are emergence, reification, multistability, and invariance.

Emergence is the ability to pull out recognizable objects/shapes out of an image that is actually not made out of real objects/shapes.

Reification is the generative aspect of how you perceive something, it is the way your brain perceives an illusion from the contours it is presented.

Multistability is the ability your mind has to go back and forth within one shape and create two or more shapes. Like the draw a vase and see the faces project everyone has done once in their life.

Invariance is the thing of perception where objects are recognizable even though they have been flipped, rotated, scaled, etc.

The fundamental principle of gestalt perception is the law of pr├Ągnanz which says our minds tend to order our experience in a manner that is regular, orderly, symmetric, and simple.
This principle contains the Law of: closer, similarity, proximity, symmetry, continuity, and common fate.

So over all Gestlalt Psychology is pretty cool stuff. It is crazy how complex our mind works on images so that we can understand them on a daily basis.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Semiotics Shhemiotcs

Semiotics: the scientific study of a semi truck aka 16 wheeler aka big rig
......okay just kidding.

Semiotics: the study of signs, the production of meaning. Knowing, then, becomes a system of relations; and thus semiotics becomes a means to help us identify the nature of relationships. What sparks relationships and what constitutes meaning in terms of signs results in our knowledge.

In other words semiotics is how your brain perceives an object/image and how your brain interprets what this object/image means.

In class on Friday we started off the lecture with us being asked to draw an "eye/I", naturally most of us drew an actual detailed eyeball with lashes, pupil, iris, and other details. Our instructor then drew a dot on the chalk board and told us that according to semiotics this was a much better option for the representation of an "eye/I".

After the lecture I learned and was able to grasp the idea of semiotics. The idea of simplifying signs to convey a simple meaning. I do enjoy the idea of this because it involves me taking less of my time to make 'fine art' detailed work! And it is a great way to get your point across in graphic arts.