Friday, November 19, 2010

Been over a year!!

Hello! Haven't been on this thing in forever. Kind of forgot I had it until the other day.
This past monday I attended the AAF-KC Career Day at The Uptown Theatre. It was such an eye opener! A little overwhelming trying to soak up all the info but a good experience for sure. Learned a lot about having a good 'book' and 'branding' yourself. All the seminars I attended really made me excited for my future and career but scared at the same time. Advertising world seems a little brutal, but I'm willing to take it on! (Look at me sounding so motivated haha.)
Anyways, I want to start posting on here every now and then. I need to save my project onto my mac so I can share with the wizzorldd.
Today I came back home to good ole Blue Springs for the week. My turkey break will consist of hours spent on my computer on facebook, stumbleupon, btjunkie, and youtube. Also need to work on my 3 painting series of dream catchers, hopefully they turn out well!

^^^So excited to spend quality time with my family dog Suki, she is so insane and fluffy!!

Okay, byeeee

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